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Dry Cleaner Guidelines

International Fabricare Institute
To better judge the quality of your local fabricare specialist, the following guidelines should be followed:

1) Talk to your dry cleaner about your garments. See how knowledgeable he/she is about textiles.

2) Ask your dry cleaner if he/she is a member of a fabricare association. These associations help keep the dry cleaner up to date. It may also come in handy if a problem arises since many associations offer garment analysis. No matter how knowledgeable someone is, it doesn't hurt to be able to ask your peers questions once in a while.

3) Check out the cleanliness of the store. Many stores are dirty. If a cleaner cannot keep his store clean, how can they be trusted to clean your clothes?

4) Do not accept any odors on your freshly cleaned clothes. The store may have a smell which may originate from the plastic bags that are used, but under no circumstances should your clothes smell. Do not be shy about sticking your nose in your clothes and taking a deep sniff.

5) If a stain does not come out, ask why. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, take the stained article to another dry cleaner. If the stain still does not come out, ask why. You may then compare answers.

6) Check the quality of ironing. The most often neglected areas are the crotches of pants and the underarms of blouses or jackets.

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